Helping our clients to achieve success

Promotionalogix is
a localy owned and operated
direct marketing company

The company specializes in the creation and activation of effective promotional marketing campaigns that drive sales and build brands. Promotionalogix helps the customer develop the most effective delivery strategy available and also recommends marketing methods to promote their products or services.

In the past 10 years, Promotionalogix has built relationships with management groups in DC, Maryland, Virginia and New York and has extensive experience launching promotional marketing campaigns for companies specializing in real estate, property management, residential/commercial advertising, restaurants, retail, supermarkets, shopping centers etc.

Promotionalogix is creative and logical. We approach the designing in multi-dimensional ways. We learn about your company. Your company’s color, theme, size, history, location, industry, products and services, both strengths and weaknesses. We look at your company from every angle, making sure we know who you are and what you do, your brand identity.

Our production teams are professional and experienced. Once we set up the blueprint of your company values and characteristics, we then begin inventing the product from an idea. We ensure your product specifications are met. Correct colors, sizes, and materials will be used. We are equipped to provide the highest quality products in the industry. Guaranteed. Promotionalogix.